Our Most FAQs about our products:

Q. How do i find out about new items hitting the sales floor? 

Answer: Every day we add new items about to hit the sales floor to "The Rundown"  The Rundown is a list of hot new items that will be hitting the sales floor, so check it often to stay ahead of everyone else!

q. are there any items that you do not pawn, buy, or sell?

Answer: Very few! We base our decision on one thing and one thing only: Can we resell it? If we can answer "Yes" to that question, we will make you an offer! Their are only a few reasons why we would answer "No" to that question: The item is not in working condition. The item cannot be tested at the pawn shop before purchasing. The item is not easily sold in our location. (Ex. Snowboard) The item is missing pieces. The item is in very bad cosmetic condition.

Q. Do you have to have an I.D. to do buy something at a pawn shop? 

Answer: You will only need to show your identification at the pawn shop if you are buying firearms or ammunition. All other items can be purchased without presenting any form of I.D. However, if you are selling or pawning to us, we do require that you have your I.D. available, and that you are at least 19 years old.

q. if i ask for a discount at a pawn shop when buying an item, will i get one?

Answer: Possibly! Pawn shops are in the business to sell their items as quickly as possible! If you make them a reasonable offer, they just might take it! Offers are always welcome at Pawn Express of Troy. We love to 'haggle' with our customers and have a good time doing it!

q. how much do pawn shops sell their products for? 

Generally, pawn shops sell the majority of their used inventory around 50% of the retail price. For example, if a TV sells brand new for $399.95 at a common retail store, the pawn shop would sell that same TV for around $199.95. That's a TON of savings! Keep in mind that pawn shops do sometimes sell NEW inventory such as Firearms and Ammunition in their stores.